For the past eight years Colonial Stoneworks has been reshaping the northeast with our creative craftsmanship. Whether you have a simple repair or are considering a multifaceted stone lovers retreat, we have the tools for the job. When approaching a new project we always take the time to listen to our customer, we believe this is a core strength to a successful business. Our medium is stone, from small easily handled quarry tailings to multi thousand pound monoliths which can be the focal point of a great back yard or fireplace.   Each project is unique, blending seamlessly with the environment and the client's vision. Quality stone masonry endures the test of time and makes statements of beauty, strength, balance and style.

Colonial Stoneworks places a heavy emphasis on reclaimed materials, creating everything from custom walkways and patios, retaining walls with stairs, to a simple mailbox post for your home. In a state with an abundance of beautiful granite it is one of our more frequently requested building materials. However, we pride ourselves in the ability to locate and acquire materials for every occasion.


We offer a wide range of masonry products and services along with design consultation and assistance. Our services include but are not limited to: fireplaces, chimneys, wood stove alcoves, patios, steps, walkways and floors, retaining walls, stone pool decking, mailboxes, columns and piers – paver products, driveways and cobblestone; entry ways and various types of signage. Our specialty is natural stone, but on the appropriate occasion we are not opposed to the use of manufactured materials.  We welcome both commercial and residential projects and we are happy to take part in repairs and restorations. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or potential project inquiries.